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Work on Corrective Exercises at our Kearny Mesa Office

We at Creative Wellness Chiropractic believe in an all­ encompassing wellness plan for our patients. We want to help our patients not only recover from any injuries they may have sustained, but also provide overall wellness. Corrective exercises are used to rehabilitate injuries and build strength to prevent future ones from occurring. Our Kearny Mesa office specializes in improving mobility and strengthening weaker muscles through corrective exercises.

What are corrective exercises?

Corrective exercises are designed to improve body movement and flexibility as well as recognize patterns of injury due to muscle imbalance or chronic conditions in the body. The noninvasive approach to rehabilitation covers a full health assessment and tracks progress along the way to adjust any changes in treatment.

Is there a “normal” exercise plan I should follow?

Each corrective exercise plan we prescribe to patients differs depending on the injuries and conditions involved. Each patient has unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs and we evaluate these first to implement a customized plan that will provide optimal results.

Why is corrective exercise important?

Maintaining body strength, good posture and strong muscles is important for your health and well­being. If you suffer from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia or similar symptoms, corrective exercises help identify imbalances in the body to correct them and promote effort to help the body self­heal.

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How much physical activity is involved?

Depending on the corrective exercises prescribed to you, the level of physical exertion will vary. There are several stretching exercises which help keep the body limber and increase mobility. Other exercises test balance, flexibility, and strength depending on what goals we’ve set out for you.

What if I can’t perform an exercise?

We will never recommend an exercise that will cause undue stress or injury to your body. We will assess a good starting point for you and work up to different exercises that will challenge areas of your body that need the most attention. If you are recovering from an injury, this has to be taken into account so that you do not re­injure an area.

Do I need corrective exercise if I am already getting chiropractic treatment at your Kearny Mesa location?

Corrective exercise is part of chiropractic treatment. By practicing these exercises both in our office and at home, this will complement any chiropractic adjustments you receive. Part of the benefits of corrective exercise is building healthier habits that will sustain the work of chiropractic treatment. There is a cyclical flow to all the treatments we provide. Each technique is strong on its own, but when working in tune with one another, this is how you achieve optimal results.