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Pregnancy + Prenatal Care

Pregnancy + Prenatal Care

Dr. Sera Tekin, our chiropractor, is passionate about helping pregnant mothers and their babies reach peak health and wellness. As an expectant mother, your body is undergoing a lot of change and duress, and prenatal chiropractic care is a safe way to keep both you and your baby healthy.

How do pregnancy chiropractic adjustments work?

Dr. Tekin is one of the best prenatal chiropractors in San Diego, offering prenatal chiropractic work and adjustments to women both during and after pregnancy. When you come to Creative Wellness Chiropractic Center, you can look forward to the gentle chiropractic benefits for you and your baby.

Her goal is to help relieve pain and discomfort, as well as make sure the expecting mother and child are carefully prepared for a smooth, easy birth.

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Are pregnant chiropractic adjustments safe for me and my baby?

Yes; not only are chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy safe, they are beneficial! They help make sure the expecting mother and child are at the very best health possible for the child’s approaching birthday.

How do chiropractic adjustments help pregnancy and birth?

From the day you become pregnant, your body starts to go through massive amounts of changes. This is very exciting, of course, because it means your body is adapting in order to grow a new human being. However, supporting and growing a baby puts a lot of impact on your body, which can often cause expecting mothers to experience pain and discomfort, such as:

  • Sciatica neuralgia (pain down the back of the legs)
  • Sacral joint pain
  • Low back pain

Dr. Sera Tekin is very passionate about making sure mothers feel healthy and comfortable during this special time. By using the art and science of gentle chiropractic adjustments, she is able to soothe and adjust the body in a way that relieves unnecessary pain and stress.

After all, there’s enough to deal with when a baby is on the way – from decorating nurseries to scouring baby name books – you don’t need to be dealing with joint or back pain.
Prenatal chiropractic work is also important for:

  • Making sure the pelvis and rest of body is in the very best possible position for birth.
  • Getting the baby in the best position for birth, usually through the Webster Technique.

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What is the Webster Technique?

Dr. Tekin is certified in the Webster Technique, a strategic technique for achieving ideal fetal positioning. It also creates optimal growing space in the womb. This is important because when a baby is in the ideal position for birth, it means no dystocia (a difficult labor) and smoother experience for you both.

When and what should I expect for my first pregnancy chiropractic adjustment? What happens after?

Your first exam will be an easy, stress-free appointment. It’s mostly about getting to know you, how you’re feeling and the way we can best serve you and your baby-on-the-way.

Dr. Tekin recommends making an appointment early. When you know you’re pregnant, the sooner the better. (It can even be helpful to get adjusted when trying to conceive. That way, your body can be sure to have the best environment possible for a coming baby.)

From that initial appointment, especially once pregnant, patients typically should come in every week or every 2 – 3 weeks. Dr. Sera Tekin discusses this with each patient, as setting up the right amount of work and adjustments is different for each person.

Dr. Tekin also recommends stretches and light exercises to do at home; this way, you know of the best ways to keep up your health and prenatal body care outside of the chiropractic office.

We also offer pregnancy massage in San Diego, which is very soothing and helpful for tight and tired muscles. Prenatal massage can be worked into your unique prenatal care plan.

Should I come back once I’ve had my baby?

Yes, most definitely. Your body will be going through a whole other set of changes – returning to a stage in which you are no longer carrying a child. Making gentle chiropractic adjustments throughout those changes will ease you back into a healthy, happy state.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, most of our patients use insurance to help cover the costs of their prenatal chiropractic work. Just like each pregnancy, every insurance and payment plan is different. We are happy to talk out your individual plan and costs; just give us a call at: 858-576-8181.

We’ll be happy to help book that first appointment, as well!